This paper presents an autonomous water vehicle (WV) navigation and tracking based on drone technology. The key objective of this work is shown the significant utilization of aerial system in WV tracking and monitoring. Recently, aerial vehicles or drones are used vastly for commercial purposes. For example, a giant company uses the drone for parcel deliver. Nowadays ringa utomlands, the GPS system is applied to WV for better monitoring and tracking. To make it more precise and assurance a quadrotor cop drone can be introduced. With this proposed model, the WVs in a specific waterway can be monitored and navigated properly with the quadcopter. The ground center can control the quadcopter with GPS and other telemetry devices. With drone surveillance technique, the control center can track the water vehicle easily and they can observe the load or weight on the WV. Mainly, water level sensor and Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter are applied on the boat to transmit data about boat load condition. Thus this system will also help up to detect the boat with overweight. The mission planner software is used for showing the live time navigation data of Quadcopter and basic C program is used for load monitoring. Along with a Quadcopter project is implemented to validate the system.

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